Protects & Maximizes Your FB Ads and Google Ads ROI

Ad accounts across social and search are being hacked every 2 mins in 2020. Marketing mistakes and errors on ad accounts occur every 8 seconds. These issues are costly and can easily impact revenue.

OhNoo is a security layer that will execute ad account protection, ad revenue monitoring, and mistake prevention for marketing teams.

  ✓ 10 -Day Free Trial    ✓ 24/7 Monitoring

 93% of marketers miss critical ad campaign issues
that cause revenue impact

1. Ad issues detection
and prevention

Getting started with OhNoo is easy. Simply connect your ad account to the OhNoo platform and allow the AI to get to work.

Every day, OhNoo will monitor and protect your account by letting you know
when there is unusual activity on your account. Whether it's a hacker or a simple mistake, you'll be able to rest easy knowing your campaigns are running optimally and your revenue is not at risk.

2. Never miss critical ad campaign or revenue issue

Mistakes are inevitable, but what happens when you accidentally add an extra zero to your campaign budget?

If you're lucky, you catch it right away, but, if not, you may spend thousands more dollars than intended. Seemingly small errors can cause major damage to your overall strategy.

3. Stop wasting time on manual investigations and monitoring

Even with a multi-person marketing team, it's virtually impossible to watch over your ad account at all times. 

Use OhNoo to make sure your ad accounts are safe and respond immediately if there is a threat. With customizable settings, you can decide what kind of alerts you want to receive.

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Stop missing critical ad
campaign issues

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