OhNoo - Protecting Marketing Teams from Unnecessary Ad Mistakes


ave you ever read one of the marketing horror stories online where a simple mistake led to a company paying thousands of dollars? When reading something like this, we have a wry smile and feel thankful that something similar hasn’t happened to us. Unfortunately, unnecessary ad mistakes are common and there’s no telling when it will affect your own business. Isn’t it better to remove the risk entirely? That’s certainly what OhNoo thinks, a solution designed to protect ad accounts from simple errors. 

What’s OhNoo?

As an ad account protection tool, the idea behind OhNoo is to protect marketing teams from fraud, hackers, and even mistakes of their own making. The more risks you take, the more  you are a target for hackers. 

Unfortunately, hackers still remained a dominant force in 2020 because the rewards are too great to stop. As soon as a hacker gains access to your account, they create campaigns and pull data from your audience. When this happens, you’re not only faced with a huge bill, but you also need to inform your customers of the hacking. As we’ve seen in the past, this has a huge impact on reputation (some companies struggle to recover). Imagine yourself as a customer; would you go back to a company after it was hacked? 

However, although hacking is a problem, we shouldn’t forget that mistakes and errors cause just as much damage in many cases. Statistics show  that ad accounts endure mistakes/errors every eight seconds. Since it’s a mistake, it’s not something we can necessarily prevent. Yet, it is something we can deal with effectively, and OhNoo is a fantastic starting point. 

Therefore, OhNoo positions itself as an extra layer of protection for your ad accounts. In addition to protecting against external threats, it helps to limit damage from simple errors and mistakes by your own marketing team. 

Key Features of OhNoo 

If you choose OhNoo, what will you get in return? In truth, there are lots of brilliant features that make up the OhNoo platform. We can break the main service down into three sections: 

1. Mistake and Error Prevention 

Firstly, OhNoo will jump into action as soon as it recognizes a mistake with your ad account. For example, it might be that a typo in your ad means that you’ll spend $10,000 rather than $1,000 on a campaign. For small businesses, an extra zero in this field has the potential to cause huge financial distress. Therefore, OhNoo steps in and prevents a simple mistake from destroying the whole business. 

2. External Threat Prevention 

Secondly, the platform will protect your account as much as possible from external threats. As technology improves, hackers become more effective in their criminal activities. In an ideal world, we would eradicate this problem and manage our ad accounts with peace of mind. Sadly, this is reality and we have to be ready for whoever and whatever comes our way. After a year like 2020, the last thing we need is a hacker entering our ad account and running up a hefty bill. 

How does OhNoo help? For one thing, it will constantly monitor all activity and send an alert as soon as something unusual occurs. In the best-case scenario, the alert is unnecessary, and you can continue your day, happy that the tool is proactive. If the unusual activity is indeed a hacker, OhNoo catches it early and you can deal with the issue efficiently. 

3. Monitoring and Response 

Over the years, we’ve seen that even multinational corporations struggle to protect their accounts. Not many businesses have time to manage all social and ad accounts. You might think that managing your account involves improving ads, working on targeting, and checking the performance of ad campaigns…but what about security? When was the last time you looked through your account activity or device history? If you’re like most, you can’t answer this question. Therefore, it’s good to know that OhNoo does this on our behalf. 

Monitoring an ad account is one thing, but the advantage of choosing OhNoo is that it has a response function too. As soon as a cyber threat is present, the tool will act, and you’ll know much faster than if your checks were manual. One of the benefits of choosing OhNoo is the customizable settings; you set the parameters and decide when an alert comes through and when it doesn’t. You’re in control of determining what requires your attention? You make this decision in the settings of the platform. 

OhNoo can protect against: 

  • Mistakes and human error 
  • Phishing email scams 
  • Unauthorized account access 
  • Unauthorized app access 
  • PII data breaches 

Benefits of OhNoo Ad Account Protection and Error Prevention 

You’ve seen how the platform works on a general basis, but what’s the technology behind the successful tool? Why should you choose OhNoo above other solutions? Let’s take a look! 

Health Analytics 

As well as being alert to the big threats, it’s also useful to have an overview of your account health, and this is something we have with OhNoo. You’ll see the health of your account on the dashboard and this ensures a seamless implementation of your marketing strategy. Over time, keep an eye on the dashboard and the health of your ad account. 

Real-Time Algorithms 

With a platform like this, it’s normal to hear about the amazing algorithms and models behind the technology. But OhNoo doesn’t just use one advanced algorithm. Instead, there are actually 14 different algorithms working behind the scenes to keep your account safe. As your ad account generates leads, the algorithms keep an eye on ad creation, spend, user activity, and all other aspects of your account. 

The 14 algorithms are the starting point, and then there’s a strong AI engine ready to handle the data that passes through. After passing through the algorithms, the AI engine decides what activity is normal and what is considered suspicious. If something unusual occurs, you’ll receive an alert immediately. With this in mind, you receive alerts within minutes of the unusual activity (sometimes seconds!) rather than hours or even days. 

The only way you could compete with this level of technology is if you implemented a 24/7 security team. 

Hacker Protection 

As soon as OhNoo suspects hacking in your account, it will pause the campaign and this feature alone has the potential to save your business thousands of dollars. Of course, Facebook and Google are both relatively good at recovering accounts and not charging accounts when they weren’t the ones to authorize the campaigns. However, hacker prevention saves all this hassle and could even prevent having to close your account while the ad platform investigates the hacking. 

Hacker protection extends to irregular bidding, incorrect URLs, unapproved users, and unapproved edits. If a campaign is edited by a user lacking permission, the tool will pause your campaign. Additionally, it will remove the unapproved user to prevent further damage. 

Account Activity Alerts 

Ultimately, the alerts you receive depend on the settings you choose when first working with OhNoo. When all the settings are activated, you’ll get notifications when a new campaign is created, when a new user is added to the account, and when the budget for an ad is unusually low or high. Therefore, it’s like having a watchful eye over your ad account at all times. It understands what’s normal for the account and will immediately recognize something abnormal. 

For example, many businesses often don’t realize when a new user is added to an account (even when they didn’t authorize this new user). When it goes unnoticed, this new user can create campaigns, play around with bidding, and make other changes to your account - we don’t need to explain the damage this causes. 

Get Started with OhNoo 

OhNoo has value for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; we all need to protect our ad accounts against external threats and internal mistakes. If you decide that OhNoo is the best solution for your business, follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Connect Your Account

Thankfully, integration with OhNoo is simple and you don’t need all sorts of degrees and qualifications just to get started. First, grant advertiser permissions to the platform so that OhNoo can monitor your account and respond when necessary. 

Step 2: Customize the Settings

From here, head into the dashboard where you’ll establish your account settings. Feel free to play around and familiarize yourself with the various options. Once done, OhNoo knows when to send alerts. For instance, you might set a maximum budget and ask for an alert when the bidding is set above this limit. 

Step 3: Get Alerts

With everything in place, the next step is to sit back and receive notifications when unusual activity occurs. Since these take place in real-time, you’re always acting moments after something happens and your account stays safe for years to come.