Discover ad issues, and other revenue impact problems the moment as they start

Automate Account Security

It's difficult to manually catch issues before it's too late. Automate your ad account security, so you don't have to constantly worry about the safety and success of your ad account.

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Unusual Activity Detection

OhNoo can detect unusual activity on your account and alert you immediately, so you don't have to worry about costly errors or threats.

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Real-Time Alerts & Analytics

The OhNoo dashboard will track your notifications and account health in real-time, making sure your marketing strategy is successful and giving you an easy way to monitor it over time.

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Detect Revenue-Related Issues
& Get Notified Immediately

Our AI can detect issues that may impact your revenue in real-time and send you alerts, so you save time on investigating and tracking it down.

Dynamic Ad Alerts

Keeping your ad account secure can be difficult. Get notified when there are issues hindering your campaign performance and revenue.
CPM Changes
Traffic Issues
ROI Loss
Conversion Funnel Errors
Pixel Issues
Ad Platform Problem
New Campaigns
Irregular Budget
Ad Creative Errors
And More

Protect Your Ads from Hackers

Hackers have many ways to get into your account and abuse your campaign spend and data. OhNoo can prevent these attacks and keep your ad accounts, campaigns, and ROI safe.

Customize Your Dashboard

Use the OhNoo dashboard to customize your notification settings and check out your latest alerts. OhNoo keeps track of your ad account's overall health and security.

Connect Your Ad Account

Using OhNoo is a simple three-step process. There's no lengthy integration or complicated set up with your IT team. Connect your ad account to the OhNoo platform by granting advertiser permissions on the native advertising platforms.

Customize Your Notification Settings

Once you are connected to OhNoo, you can access your OhNoo dashboard and customize your notification settings. These settings will tell the OhNoo AI when you want to receive alerts. For example, you can receive an email if a campaign exceeds a maximum budget or was updated by an unauthorized user.

Receive Alerts for Unusual Activity

Based on the settings that you create, you will receive email push notifications every time there is unusual activity on your account. With these real-time notifications, you can be certain that your accounts are safe and working according to plan.

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