Zero-Day Threat Detection

When hackers get to your account, they can spend thousands of dollars instantly. With OhNoo, you can be warned of any potential threats immediately.

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Real-Time Algorithms

Powered by Trapica's proprietary algorithms, your accounts are monitored in real-time to protect your marketing team from fraud, hackers, and human error.

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AI-Powered Prevention

Without a team working 24/7, it's impossible to manually match the power of AI. You can rest easy knowing that your accounts are being take care of even when you're not working.

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Fourteen Dynamic Algorithms

The power of OhNoo starts with the algorithms. The 14 key algorithms work in real-time to keep your accounts safe and secure. They are able to monitor data from your campaigns like spend, user activity, and campaign creation.

Ai intelligence

One AI Engine

Once the data has passed through the algorithms, one powerful AI engine will make key decisions to keep your ad account safe. The AI engine is able to decide what activity is unusual for your account and alert you immediately.

Connect Your Ad Account

Using OhNoo is a simple three-step process. There's no lengthy integration or complicated set up with your IT team. Connect your ad account to the OhNoo platform by granting advertiser permissions on the native advertising platforms.

Customize Your Notification Settings

Once you are connected to OhNoo, you can access your OhNoo dashboard and customize your notification settings. These settings will tell the OhNoo AI when you want to receive alerts. For example, you can receive an email if a campaign exceeds a maximum budget or was updated by an unauthorized user.

Receive Alerts for Unusual Activity

Based on the settings that you create, you will receive email push notifications every time there is unusual activity on your account. With these real-time notifications, you can be certain that your accounts are safe and working according to plan.



Don't wait for your marketing manager to catch unusual activity. Get an OhNoo alert as soon as there is an issue on your account. Whether it's a hacker or a simple mistake, you won't need to worry about launching campaigns that are inaccurate or fraudulent.


Analytics Driven Automation

The OhNoo dashboard will allow you to track and monitor your account activity. It will update in real-time and display stats like your overall account health and recent notifications.

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